International Congress on Law Concludes in Cuba

Havana, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) Foreign investment is conceived in Cuba as a pillar of sustainable development in a planned economy with constitutional and legal support, the Spanish lawyer Jose Maria Viñals told Prensa Latina in Havana on Friday.

According to Viñals, who attended the International Congress on Law, Abogacia 2018, Cuba’s planned economy prioritizes the best for the general welfare; which is why, investments in sectors such as food production, energy sustainability and tourism are made in advance.

The country seeks to offer guarantees to employers regarding the low probability of nationalization and the possibility of being part of the country’s finances for at least 15 years, he added.

Viñals stressed that Spain currently has 280 companies established on the island, 10 of which are in the Mariel Special Development Zone, about 45 kilometers west of Havana.

The congress, which ends on Friday after three days of sessions under the auspices of the National Organization of Collective Law Firms (ONBC) of Cuba, was attended by delegates from some 15 countries, who discussed issues such as foreign investment in Cuba, international economic and commercial relations, and constitutional issues.

Business advisers, foreign speakers and ONBC lawyers also attended book launches, multimedia and collateral activities, such as visits to a prison and a trial.

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Zimbabwe Health Minister Praises Cuban Cooperation

Harare, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health, Obadiah Moyo, praised on Friday the service provided by Cuban doctors in this Southern African country, which he described as excellent.

During a meeting with the ambassador of Cuba in this African country, Carmelina Hernandez, the new head of Health and Child Care said that the Cuban doctors work with dedication in different localities, whether rural or urban areas.

Currently, 36 doctors, specialists in orthopedics, internal medicine, forensic medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, maxillofacial, surgery, neonatology, pneumology, oncology, clinical pharmacy, dermatology, and intensive therapy specialists for adults and children from Cuba are working in Zimbabwe.

In recent statements to Prensa Latina, Barbara Reina Vargas, head of that team, said that medical cooperation in this country is developed in the area of care and teaching and could be extended to other specialties required by Zimbabwe.

Dr. Vargas explained that this is the thirteenth team of Cuban doctors who work in Zimbabwe and is well received by the people and government structures.

Their work is respected due to their way of working and attitude of solidarity, she said.

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Venezuela Opens Country’s First-Ever Coltan Concentration Plant

Venezuela opens country

Venezuela opens country’s first-ever coltan ore concentration plant. | Photo: TeleSUR

The Venezuelan government has agreed on a deal to mine silver in the state of Bolivar — in the largest ore concentration plant in Latin America.

Oct 19 (teleSUR) Venezuela Friday announced its first-ever coltan ore concentration plant, and the largest in Latin America. The plant will produce 160 tons of coltan (blue gold), which is used to manufacture batteries for electronic products.

The coltan is located in the state of Bolivar, and the deal is part of an agreement between the Venezuelan government and a consortium, which took place during the 2018 Venezuela Power Expo.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stressed that the coltan plant will generate almost 7.8 million euros a day in income for the South American nation.

Maduro went on to explain that an investment of 210,000 million sovereign bolivars and US$3.5m was used for the plant’s construction.


Venezuela to Open Largest Coltan Factory in Latin America


The Minister of People’s Power for Ecological Mining Development, Víctor Hugo Cano, said that the Venezuelan coltan will, “have an added value, since the ton of unprocessed coltan has a price on the international market that ranges between 26 and 39 thousand euros,” he said during a radio broadcast.


The Minister of People’s Power for Ecological Mining Development, Víctor Hugo Cano, speaks to the media.


The president of the Gold Marketing company, Levy Bohórquez, added, “Here we are supporting a Venezuelan company, with Venezuelan capital, Venezuelan labor and Venezuelan technology. Hands on the job! ”

Prensa Presidencial@PresidencialVen

📹 | “Hoy, inauguramos en el corazón del Arco Minero del Orinoco, la primera Planta de Concentración de Coltán de Venezuela, una planta que generará casi €7.8 millones diarios de ingreso a la nación”, anunció el presidente @NicolasMaduro

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Cuba-Angola: Diplomats Highlight Friendship Relations

Luanda, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s diplomats highlighted on Friday the historical ties of friendship with Angola during a presentation on a TV program for the Cuban Culture Day on October 20.

Cuba and its people are celebrating because on October 20, 1868, culture and rebellion came together, said Andres Morejon, press and culture attaché of the Cuban Embassy in Angola, when recalling that the anthem of Bayamo (eastern city of the island) was played for the first time on that date, becoming the National Anthem.

According to Sergio Rodrigues, a presenter of the program Janela Aberta (Open Window) from the Public Television of Angola, no one can be a complete Angolan without having a Cuban friend.

When recalling his childhood in Huila (in the south of the country), he mentioned his friendship with Cubans, who used to give him candies. We have the higher respect for you, he said.

‘In the most difficult times when Angola was invaded by South Africa, Cubans gave their lives for this country, in order to expel South Africans from here. We have -and must have- a great affection for Cuba. For me, a Cuban is a brother, is an Angolan,’ said Rodrigues, one of the most prominent journalists in this country.

After thanking the presenter’s words, the adviser of the Cuban delegation here, Ernesto Pulgaron, noted that the friendship and solidarity between Cubans and Angolans grew thanks to the leaders of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro and the father founder of Angola Antonio Agostinho Neto.

Asked about bilateral relations, the press attaché said that they are becoming stronger, more fraternal, and are on the rise, because we have a history that unites us.

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Cuba Provides Health to Everyone, Mexican Specialist Says

By Reina Magdariaga Havana, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban health system has achieved its purpose to reach all inhabitants, Mexican dentist Francisco Cazares said in Havana, in the context of the 8th National Vision Oral Health Symposium.

In my country, we also have a good concept of the island’s progress in terms of research, and the support they give to their professors, specialists, and the people in general, Cazares, who is also a professor at the Universidad de Monterrey, in Nuevo Leon, told Prensa Latina.

An example of this is the invitation we received to participate in this event. Our aim is to show an analysis of the Scale of Dental Fear in Children, designed in the United States, but adapted to Latin America by us, he said.

As part of the bilateral collaboration, we will reflect that study in the Cuban Journal of Stomatology, which has a great impact on the scientific world, he said.

According to Cazares, that specialized publication has a great worldwide prestige, and that’s why we should collaborate.

The chronic immunoinflammatory periodontal disease (of the gums) in adolescents focused debates at the 8th National Vision Oral Health Symposium that closes in Havana Friday two days of scientific exchange between national specialists and guests from several countries.

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U.S. Companies will Participate in Trade Fair FIHAV Despite Blockade

Havana, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) United States companies will participate in the 36th International Havana Fair (Fihav 2018) -starting on October 29-, despite the strengthening of the blockade on Cuba by the present U.S. administration, according to organizers of the event.

Their presence will be similar to the previous edition, despite the difficult bilateral economic relations bwetween both nations, due to the strengthening of restrictions hindering those links, said Cuban minister of Foreign Trade and Investments, Rodrigo Malmierca.

In a press round, the also president of the Organizing Committee of the Fair, commented the recent creation of a USA-Cuban joint venture in the Special Development Zone of Mariel to produce therapeutic vaccines against cáncer, showing the interest of U.S. entrepreneurs in doing business with Cuba.

This also represents a recognition of the development achieved by genetic engineering and biotechnology of the island in that sphere, he said.

Malmierca stressed that despite mentioned difficulties, over 60 countries will be represented in Fihav 2018, in an area of 25 thousand square meters of Expocuba fair grounds, the largest in Cuba, located in the outskirts of the capital.

The visit of some 20 official delegations are expected, headed by high officials, in another demonstration that the world is with us and the blockade isolates the United States, he emphasized.

Venezuela, Russia, China, Brazil, Spain, Italy and other trade partners of Cuba, are represented and Spain is traditionally the most represented with five pavilions.

In the central pavilion, will be exhibited Cuban products and services of some 350 enterprises grouped in 120 exhibitors, indicated the president of the Trade Chamber of the Republic of Cuba, Orlando Hernandez.

The president of Business Group Palco and member of the organizing committee, Abraham Masiques, estimated that over 2500 foreign businesspeople will exhibit at the fair, without counting those coming portfolio in hand to contact Cuban companies and those of other countries.

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Network of Solidarity with Cuba Opens Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

By Martha Andres Roman

Minneapolis, US, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) The annual conference of the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba (NNOC) will open on Friday with the participation of members of US organizations seeking the normalization of the bilateral relations and the end to the blockade. Organized by the NNOC and the Minnesota-Cuba Committee, the three-day event will take place at the University of Augsburg, in Minneapolis, the city that is hosting the meeting for the first time and whose previous edition took place a year ago in Seattle, Washington.

People from these two cities and others like Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; New York, in the homonymous state; and San Jose, San Rafael, Oakland and Richmond, in California, will take part in this new meeting of solidarity with Cuba.

On Friday night, representatives of the University of Augsburg, the NNOC and the state committee will welcome participants at a reception at the Hagfors Center of the higher education institution.

Debates will be held over the weekend at the Center, in the University of Augsburg, where participants will discuss the preparation for upcoming projects and events in support of the Cuban cause.

The meeting, which will have Miguel Fraga, the first secretary of the Cuban Embassy in the United States, as a special guest and keynote speaker, will also discuss the Venceremos Brigade, an initiative to support the Caribbean island that will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

A forum dedicated to the actions against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States for more than 55 years, and against which the entire international community will speak out again on October 31 at the United Nations General Assembly, will also be on the meeting’s agenda.

Panels will discuss other issues related to the ties between the two nations and on race.

Meanwhile, when Cuba celebrates the National Culture Day on October 20, the event ‘One night of Music and Dance in Solidarity with Cuba’ will take place, during which participants, including students from the higher education center, will take salsa classes and will enjoy a concert by the band Charanga Tropical.

The NNOC is an umbrella organization that represents more than 50 groups throughout the United States that oppose the blockade and defend the normalization of relations. They also reject the prohibitions that prevent US citizens from traveling freely to Cuba, and recognize Cuba’s achievements.

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Venezuela Ditches Dollar After US Sanctions Hit Private Sector

"This will show you how far the madness of imperialism is coming. It is increasingly more hostile to trade with your currency,” Minister Tareck El Aissami said.

“This will show you how far the madness of imperialism is coming. It is increasingly more hostile to trade with your currency,” Minister Tareck El Aissami said. | Photo: Twitter: @PresidencialVen

International financial transactions using foreign currency were reportedly blocked, agroindustrial and pharmaceutical sectors said.

Oct 17 (teleSUR) Venezuela is replacing the dollar with the euro or yuan in its international business endeavors, Bolivarian Minister of Industries and National Production, Tareck El Aissami said Tuesday.

The newest round of sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuela is making international financial interactions impossible, Aissami said during a press conference with Calixto Ortega, the president of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

International financial transactions using foreign currency were reportedly blocked, agroindustrial and pharmaceutical sectors said, showing that the U.S. financial sanctions have now extended to affect both the private and public sectors.

From his personal Twitter account, Aissami said, “We have to generate new conditions to overcome these aggressions on the part of the governments of the USA, for which we have taken some actions.

“They continue to try to impose exchange rates that do not correspond to rational economic formulas,” said Aissami, who is also the vice president of the Economic Ministry.

“This will show you how far the madness of imperialism is coming. It is increasingly more hostile to trade with your currency,” he said.

“There is an illegal, arbitrary ban- contrary to international law- on the dollar’s use…which even affects the transactions of (Venezuela’s) private sector- this is the fault of imperialism,” said Aissami.

Consequently, Aissami said, the Bolivarian System Exchange, Dicom, “will be operating in euro, yuan or any other convertible currency and will allow the foreign exchange market to use any other convertible currency.”

Over the next few months, two billion euros will be sold to the public market at a “real, non-speculative rate,” by members of the state as part of the country’s “Recovery and Economic Growth Program”, the minister said.

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Cuban Journalist Receives International Recognition in Russia

Moscow, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Latin American Personality of the Year distinction was granted to Cuban Jorge Petinaud Martinez by the Ibero-American Journalists” Organization (OPI), sources of that union confirmed in Moscow on Thursday.

The award, which is given in the context of The Days of Russian Science, will be delivered on October 31 during an official ceremony at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

The decoration was granted to Petinaud, who worked as a correspondent of Prensa Latina in Moscow, and was endorsed by knowing the career of this journalist.

His work during the last years, in which he covered many of the events that managed to strengthen the relationship in the educational field between Russia and Latin America was also taken into account, Berenice Cervantes, OPI coordinator in Russia, told Prensa Latina.

According to Cervantes, the award honors outstanding personalities from different countries, who from their respective responsibilities provide day by day their capacity and effort to contribute to peace and a better world.

Among those awarded is Equatorial Guinea’s President, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who will speak during the event.

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Jose Marti Solidarity Association Condemns Campaign against Cuba

Beirut, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Jose Marti Arab-Latin American Solidarity Association on Thursday condemned the US campaign against Cuba with which Washington tries to discredit the Caribbean nation.

The Beirut-based organization recalled that contrary to Washington’s interests, the Cuban Revolution has a prominent place among peace-loving people, defenders of sovereignty and justice.

In a statement sent to Prensa Latina, the solidarity association recalled the possibility offered by Cuba to thousands of young Arabs to study and graduate in universities for free.

In such a way, that the Cuban people have been, are and will always be an example of selfless and internationalist solidarity, so our support against the plans forged by the United States is invariable, says the note.

These attacks cannot and can never destabilize a nation that remains united in the face of counterrevolutionary plans such as the one organized in recent days at one of the UN sessions.

There, the text stands out, there was an expression of the values of the new Cuban generation that responded to a US project and the Organization of American States to accuse Cuba of violating human rights.

The solidarity association took the opportunity to condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States.

The document stated that this condemnation is sustained by the Arab peoples and especially those who are victims of terrorism, aggressions or occupation such as Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, among others.

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