Cuban Delegates to Festival of Youth and Students Arrive in Sochi

Sochi, Russia, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) Loaded with achievements and experiences to show the world today, Cuban delegates will participate in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Upon arrival, the youth of the Caribbean island assured that they bring to Sochi messages of peace and solidarity to defend the struggle of the peoples and condemn imperialist actions.

Made up of 250 young people, the Cuban delegation will participate in more than 20 workshops and will deliver special lectures on the figures and legacy of Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara.

In addition, it will hold meetings with the delegations of Venezuela, Vietnam, China, and the United States.

The youth event is hosting more than 20,000 delegates from 150 countries, who from today until the October 22 will talk about peace and will seek to strengthen relations between nations and cultures.

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Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy on Debate in Cuba

Havana, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) Latin American researchers are discussing today the foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration, as part of the second session of the 3rd Conference on Strategic Studies.

Specialists, mostly from Cuba and Mexico, will address today issues such as the crisis of the U.S. empire, the power elites in that country and the role of the current president in the geopolitics of that northern nation.

The analysis of the geostrategy and regional and global power poles and the challenges of the reconfiguration of the political map of Latin America and the Caribbean, are also on the list.

The 3rd Conference on Strategic Studies, sponsored by the International Politics Research Center, the Raul Roa Garcia Higher Institute of International Relations and the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), is taking place in Havana today and tomorrow.

About 200 Cuban and foreign delegates from China, Haiti, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Lebanon, Mexico, Honduras, South Africa, Switzerland, Brazil and Puerto Rico are participating in this forum.

The event is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the fall in combat of Ernesto Che Guevara and the 50th anniversary of CLACSO.

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Cuba to Attend Regional Forum on Educational Policies in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuba attends today the 2017 Regional Forum of Educational Policies, Latin America facing the challenge of the 2030 Education Agenda, focused on seeking tools to ensure equity and inclusion in this area.

Deputy Minister of Basic Education Margarita Mc Pherson Sayú, and the official Bryan Gual Navarrete, member of the Cuban National Commission of the UN for Education, Science and Culture(CNCU), are heading the delegation of the Caribbean island.

Until next Friday the representations and delegates of the nations of the region will discuss about the challenges and how to plan policies to achieve access to a fair and inclusive education.

Organized by the International Institute for Educational Planning, the Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, in the meeting also participate representatives of civil society and experts from international organizations and the academic world.

According to its organizers, the Forum aims at enriching the debate and promoting strengthening actions in front of the challenge of guaranteeing an education with access to all, versus the challenges that represent the entry into force and implementation of the 2030 Education Agenda in the region.

In the sessions a net of educational authorities will see the light, oriented to establish a permanent space of consultation, cooperation and exchange of experiences among the countries of the area.

The results of the meeting will be presented at the next Meeting of Ministers of Education on E2030, to be held in Sucre, Bolivia, in July 2018.

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Cuba Health System Seriously Damaged by US Blockade

Image result for cuban blockade photosFrom April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 the estimated economic damages to the Cuban health system due to the U.S. blockade surpassed $87 million USD

Doctors and medicine students denounced this during the public hearing of the Health and Sports Commission of the National Assembly to show the damages of the economic, commercial and financial siege against Cuba.

The president of the parliamentary commission, Jorge Gonzalez, said that the effort of doctors to face these limitations is the key to the success of the Cuban health system.

‘To have a health system that responds to the development of science in today’s world, it’s time that the unjust economic blockade should end,’ he said, according to Granma newspaper.

The director of the Women’s Editorial house, Isabel Moya, said that policy ‘cannot be treated with regrets, but with complaints’.

From the Institute of Oncology and Radiology located in the capital, the journalist, who is receiving medical treatment at that institution, stated that the blockade prevents more specialized care.

Medical student Ariadna Palmero said that the measure imposed by the United States since 1960 has prevented the Cubans from accessing to digital libraries with specialized information and exchanging with students and professionals from the United States.

Cuba will present on November 1, at the United Nations, the report on resolution 71/5 of the UN General Assembly, entitled ‘The Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.’

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Cuba publishes annual report on blockade damages

Oct 13.- Almost 60 years after its implementation, the United States blockade policy against the Cuban people is intensifying, in a context of heightened tensions impacting on the progress achieved by the two countries in the diplomatic sphere.

This is reflected in the Report to the United Nations General Assembly on Resolution 71/5 entitled “Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial, and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America on Cuba,” which outlines the extensive damages suffered by the island.

The document, which analyzes the period between April 2016 and June 2017, estimated the total actual damages to the island to be in the order of $4,305,400,000 dollars.

These figures relate to restrictions that affect the island’s economic and social development, despite the enormous efforts of the Cuban government to mitigate the obsolete and illegal policy.

Education, health, sports, culture, industrial development, tourism, food and information and communications technology continue to be some of the sectors most affected by the coercive measures of the current U.S. administration.

The report, published on the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s website, and available to download in English here: outlines the extraterritorial nature of the blockade, impacting on cooperation and in open violation of international law, with the express purpose of punishing a sovereign and independent people.

President Donald Trump’s signing of the National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba, backed by a minority in Miami, is the latest example of the escalating aggression against the island.

This Report, presented by Cuba every year as a prelude to the UN vote on the resolution, also exposes the widespread condemnation of the blockade within U.S. society and the international community, and the Cuban people’s demand for an immediate end to the failed policy.

After 57 years of fallacious rhetoric and failed attempts to undermine our sovereignty and social project, the Report reiterates that the economic, commercial and financial blockade constitutes the biggest obstacle to the implementation of the country’s National Economic and Social Development Plan, the wellbeing of the Cuban people, and the normalization of relations with the United States. Continue reading

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Cuban-Venezuelan ‘Operation Miracle’ Program Returns Eyesight of 688,000 Bolivians



Cuban doctors treating patients under the program.

Cuban doctors treating patients under the program. | Photo: Twitter / jogre8a

The late revolutionary leaders, Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, launched the program back in 2004.

Operation Miracle, the free Cuban-Venezuelan eyecare program launched in 2004, has brought back the vision of some 688,000 Bolivians.

The Ocular Health Officer for Bolivia’s Ministry of Health, Rodrigo Guzman says most of the surgeries treated those suffering from pterygium, a disease where eye tissue grows due to exposure to wind and sun, a common problem in the country.

Operations have also been successfully performed on cataracts, when opacity of the eye lens prevents light from passing through, causing total or partial sight loss.

The program, which guarantees 100 percent free optometry consultations, exams, surgeries and medications to working-class people, has made 2,957,189 diagnostic consultations in Bolivia.

Continue reading

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Guyana Foundation signs agreement with Cuba University

The Guyana Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Medical Sciences of Ciego De Avila, Cuba.The Foundation, in a release said that it reached out to the University two years ago to request guidance and assistance in dealing with the mental health issues that face Guyana and, in particular, the work of the GuyanaFoundation’s Sunrise Centre.

The agreement is valid for a period of five years during which time there will be valuable transfers of expertise and information to tackle the social issues facing Guyana. Persons will be selected from key villages across Region 2 to access training in Cuba to become professional counsellors. Workshops and visits by Cuban professionals will follow, the release said.

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U.S. Economic Pressures Affect Tourism to Cuba

Havana, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban report to the United Nations General Assembly on the U.S. economic and commercial barriers against the island dedicates one chapter to how they affect tourism, recall today experts.

Economists consider this Friday that the sector of travel is a basic support of the island’s development, which Washington pretends to slow up with those measures.

The resolution 71/5 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, titled Need top ut an End to the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba will be presented to that instance in November and has world attention.

It is a report that pretends to show succintly the harm done by the application of that policy between April 2016 to June, 2017.

Such document evidences how the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba is the most important obstacle to carry out the National Economic and Social Development Plan of the country. Continue reading

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Cuba to Denounce Reinforcement of US Blockade at UN Havana Cuba | Oct 13, 2017 |Some of the most affected sectors are education, healthcare, sports, culture, industrial development, information technology and telecommunications

Almost 60 years after the implementation of the US blockade against Cuba, the hostile policy is being reinforced, undermining the diplomatic progress made by the two countries.

That is one of the messages of the report submitted by Cuba to the UN General Assembly on the need of putting an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

The document, covering data from April 2016 to June 2017, says that the damages caused by that hostile policy on the island´s society over the period surpasses 4 billion dollars.

Some of the most affected sectors by the punitive measure include education, healthcare, sports, culture, industrial development, information technology and telecommunications.

According to the report, the Presidential Memorandum on National Security on Strengthening US Policy towards Cuba recently signed by President Donald Trump is the latest example of the aggressive escalation against the island.

The report submitted by Cuba every year as a prelude to the UN vote, also provides information on how the American society, the international community and the Cuban people are demanding the immediate cessation of that old and failed policy.

Next November 1st, Cuba will once again submit a draft resolution before the UN General Assembly on the need to put an end to Washington’s coercive policy against the Caribbean state.

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Cuban pairs back to Volleyball World Circuit

Havana, Oct 11.- The Cuban pairs of Sergio González-Nivaldo Diaz and Leila Martinez will participate in the phase number 21 of the Beach Volleyball World Tour, with headquarters from today until next Sunday in the city of Quinzhou, China.

Gonzalez and Diaz, occupants of the post 18 in the ranking of the orb, and Martinez and Echeverría, owners of the place 46, will be in action from the next day and in the main table -24 couples planted-, looking to continue scoring points for the listing of the orb.

The other objective of the duos of Cuba is to continue their preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, 2018.

With the direction of Leonides Regüeiferos and Mayra Ferrer, coaches of the binomials male and female, in that order, won the right to be present in the city of China for their performances in the circuits on the planet and the North, Central America and the Caribbean (NORCECA).

For men, this is your seventh presence on the stages of the World Tour, with his best performances in a gold medal and a fifth place, while the women they made their debut at this level for the performance in the phases of NORCECA and the ninth seat in the world Austria 2017.

Gonzalez and Diaz, also ninth in the lid of the Austrian orb, highlighted by the gold medal won at the stage of Malaysia, the fifth position achieved in the Xiamen and a ninth in Switzerland.

According to the website of the festival, from Wednesday you compete in the qualifying round of the tournament to complete the 32 pairs. (ACN) (Photo: File)

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