US Dance Museum Exhibits Alicia Alonso’s Photos in Giselle

Havana, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The National Dance Museum in Saratoga Springs, United States, is exhibiting a photographic exhibition celebrating the 75th anniversary of the debut of Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso in Giselle, who will arrive to Washington next week with her company.

The exhibition has been possible thanks to coordination with Cuba National Dance Museum, and one of its specialists, Jose Ramon Neyra, noted that the exhibition coincides with the performances, for the first time, of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) in that city of New York State.

There, the company directed by Alonso will offer three performances of Giselle from June 6 to 8, at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, and the role of Giselle will be alternately performed by the first dancers Sadaise Arencibia and Grettel Morejon.

The staging of Giselle by Alicia Alonso is one of the most exciting and moving ballet shows for today’s audience: comprehensive, dramatically subtle and emotionally honest, the writer Octavio Roca declared at the opening of the exhibition.

According to Neyra, the critic also told Prensa Latina the Cuban dancers have transformed the face of ballet with their excellent technique, impeccable work ethic and spectacular performances.

Roca has been a music and dance critic for The Washington Post, The Washington Times and San Francisco Chronicle, and is the author of the book ‘Cuban Ballet’, with prologues by Alonso and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

In the next few days, this writer will speak about Alonso’s Giselle at Skidmore College’s Dance Theater.

In Roca’s own words, he will try to explain how a French masterpiece, based on a German legend, better known by Russian interpretations, has been spectacularly recreated and defined by a Cuban dancer.

BNC is currently on tour in the United States, having left a pleasant impression in Chicago and Tampa.

Next performances will take place in Washington, D.C., where the company will close the Cuban Arts Festival: From the Island to the World at the John F. Kennedy Center, May 28 to June 3.

The artistic group will end its US tour on June 8 in Saratoga Springs.

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Second Cuba-Belize Medical Symposium held

May 25 (LoveFM-News) The Second Cuba-Belize Medical Symposium was held today in commemoration of the 27th anniversary of the Cuba Medical Brigade in Belize. Ambassador of Cuba to Belize, Lissette Perez and Minister of State in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Angel Campos spoke of the longstanding collaboration between both countries.

Lissette Perez , Cuban Ambassador to Belize: “At this moment more than 80 health professionals serve in Belize. Working in conjunction with local medical personnel in the Cuban Medical Brigade has impacted the lives of many people in a positive and tangible manner. The Government of Cuba has also continued to offer scholarship to nationals of Belize in the field of human medicine. There are many opportunities on offer with Cuba’s willingness to continue to extend the relationship with Belize and their CARICOM members.”

Dr. Angel Campos, Belize Minister of State, Ministry of Health: “It’s been 27 years since Belize has benefitted from the services of the Cuban Brigades. This has allowed us to expand access to medical services, to our very rural and remote areas- some areas that had never seen a doctor. It has also allowed Belize to increase access to specialized services in our regional and national hospital. The support of allied health personnel has also  allowed us to increase capacity for imaging services and laboratory services- all this while at the same time affording our Belizean students to access medical universities in Cuba and return to enhance our cadre of professionals in this country. We have come a long way and the road ahead will eventually see us become more independent as our own Belizean doctors come back home to provide the much needed services. While this by no means indicates our wish to end this cooperation we certainly look forward to a future of independence and sustainability and I am certain that the cooperation will continue, albeit it in probably a different fashion or modality. In the meantime I want to thank the Government and people of Cuba for their stalwart support and assistance given to the Government and people of Belize.”

The Cuban health work force in Belize includes 24 specialists who labor in areas of orthopedic, internal medicine, psychiatry and pediatrics to name a few. There are also about 25 Cuban nurses working at various public health facilitates across the country. Cuba has also provided scholarships to medical students in Belize. Approximately 64 of these students are presently in Cuba studying. Today’s symposium saw presentations by representatives of the Ministry of Health and civil society.

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Russia, Cuba Update Railways Cooperation

By Antonio Rondon Garcia St Petersburg, Russia, May 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuba and Russia today updated cooperation to modernize the island’s railways as part of the works carried out by the high-level delegation of the Caribbean country at the 22nd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Cuba’s Council of Ministers vice president and Minister of Economy and Planning, Ricardo Cabrisas, in charge of the referred delegation, met today with Oleg Belosiorov, President of Russian Railways, in the framework of the aforementioned forum.

Both sides highlighted the importance of the project to modernize the railway structure for Cuba, which will be the flagship project of the relations of both nations.

The two sides defined the course to follow to advance in the development of the aforementioned project and, in a general way, reviewed the current situation and perspectives of the project, as well as confirming the two countries’ willingness to move forward in that direction.

Cabrisas and his accompanying delegation developed a tight working agenda yesterday. He attended a panel in the plenary session of the event in the presence of some 15,000 delegates from almost 150 countries.

The minister of economy and planning participated in the panel along with Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, with whom he then met at the conclusion of the plenary session.

Cabrisas also held talks with Russian adviser to the President, Anton Kobyakov, and with new Russian Minister of Transport, Evgueni Ditrich.

General Comptroller of the Republic of Cuba, Gladys Bejerano, met yesterday with the head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, Alexei Kudrin, to whom she requested to convey a cordial greeting to his predecessor Tatiana Galikova, who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the new Russian government.

Both sides talked about the relationships between both institutions and the continuity of the joint actions in the area of parallel controls of the progress of the main collaboration projects between Cuba and Russia.

The Roundtable discussion preparatory to the issues of the 23rd Congress of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions took place yesterday morning, chaired by Alexei Kudrin. The Cuban vice president and other heads and representatives of 17 countries attended this activity.

Chief Comptroller of Comprehensive Control Management, Dania Bacallao, and Cuban ambassador to Russia, Gerardo Peñalver, comprise the island’s delegation.

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International Event on Justice and Law Concludes in Cuba

Havana, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The 9th International Justice and Law Meeting, in which hundreds of delegates from 27 countries are participating, is concluding today after three days of debates and exchange among judicial system operators of the attending nations.

The event, opened by Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, is, according to its organizers, a scientific-juridical space of great prestige in the national and international scope.

Constitutional law, the rights of children and people with disabilities, gender approaches and administrative rights, are among the main issues discussed during these days.

The Cuban side also granted special relevance to issues such as population aging, the alternatives of agreements between family conflicts and gender problems.

The event was also a space to denounce abuses committed in many regions of the planet in the areas of law and justice.

‘War conflicts, increased violence and insecurity, migratory crisis, environmental disasters, terrorist actions and the rise of transnational crime are afflicting humanity,’ the president of the People’s Supreme Court (TSP) of Cuba, Ruben Remigio Ferro, said.

While we are participating in this congress, the planet is shaken by disastrous events, the jurist stated at the opening ceremony of the meeting.

The event also made possible the signing of agreements, such as the memorandum of understanding signed yesterday between the TSP and the International Legal Assistance Consortium, based in Sweden.

Some of its objectives are to promote exchange and technical and professional cooperation, and encourage the establishment of a bilateral commission to develop joint actions that contribute to foster training and improvement in both institutions.

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Law Meeting Continues in Cuba

Havana, May 24 (Prensa Latina) With the participation of some 900 delegates from Cuba and other countries, the exchange of experts at the 9th International Justice and Law Meeting is making progress today in this capital.

Today’s program includes a keynote speech by Italy’s Attorney General Pier Luigi Maria, a paper by French legal consultant Hector Dominique, and a speech by Wenceslao Olea, judge at the Supreme Court of Spain.

Caridad Valdes, professor at the University of Havana’s Law Faculty, participated on the Cuban side with a speech on the civil protection of the inherent rights of the personality.

Issues such as the legal protection of people with disabilities, the right in the workplace, steps towards a judicial gender strategy and the challenges of economic law, especially in Cuba, will be also addressed.

About 30 countries are participating in the meeting, including Bolivia, Ecuador, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Venezuela and South Africa.

Personalities such as Dr. Sergio Foa, professor at the University of Turin, Italy; Professor Roberto Viciano, from the University of Valencia, Spain; and the director of the Center for Studies in Criminal Policy and Criminal Sciences of Mexico, Moises Moreno, are also attending the event.

According to the president of the People’s Supreme Court of Cuba, Ruben Remigio, the congress is ratified as a scientific-juridical space of great prestige in the national and international scope.

The International Justice and Law Meeting 2018 was opened yesterday in the presence of Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, and will last until Friday, May 25, with a varied program of activities.

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Environmental Engineering, Bastion of Sustainable Development in Cuba

Image result for Environmental Engineering Center of Camagüey (CIAC)

Camagüey,Cuba, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The scientific potential of nuclear training allows today the Environmental Engineering Center of Camagüey (CIAC) to find practical solutions for the correct management of the natural environment in this eastern-central Cuban region.

The institution that provides technical services to companies that work in the oil platforms in the Caribbean area, according to its director, Arnaldo Dámera, actively participates in the management plans that are currently applied throughout the largest Cuban province with about 16,000 square kilometers.

‘We are linked to productive centers; we also entered as participants in a confining project for conventional chemical waste, which includes the future construction of three plants in Managua, Cienfuegos and Camagüey,’ Damera said at a press conference.

The characterization of the waste and its monitoring, the services that apply nuclear techniques to determine the erosion of the soils directed to the agriculture sector, nuclear membrane projects, and others related to nanotechnology, are also included in the CIAC agenda.

‘In agriculture and livestock in this province with such tradition for its contribution to the national economy, we intend to reduce with our studies the time of insemination of livestock,’ explained the scientist.

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Venezuela for a Socialism With Justice and Social Equality

Caracas, May 24 (Prensa Latina) Despite the political and economic attacks orchestrated abroad, Venezuela goes ahead today in the construction of socialism under the values of justice, equality and social peace, political leader Diosdado Cabello said.

During the television program ‘Con el Mazo Dando’, led by Cabello, First Vice-President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), he warned yesterday that the extreme-right sectors will do everything possible to undermine the Bolivarian Revolution and thereby implement surrendering and privatization policies.

‘That is not the way, capitalism will never build housing for the people, it would never be worried because the people eat. Capitalism would never be worried about giving education to the people, it would be privatized; Capitalism would never give free health to the people,’ he added.

He also stated that ‘a socialist State should be responsible for health, education, welfare and equality established and practiced by citizens,’ he said.

About the attempts by the extreme right wing to take political control of Venezuela, Cabello stressed the importance of confronting them in democratic spaces with organization and mobilization of the Venezuelans.

‘Let’s not lose sight of who the enemy is, who we are facing. Each victory is adding’ but ‘the war has not concluded’, Cabello said after celebrating the victory of President Nicolas Maduro as a candidate of the Frente Amplio de la Patria (Broad Front of the Nation) in the presidential elections.

The Venezuelan people, with 6,245,862 votes (68 percent), decided on May 20 that Maduro will continue in command of the country’s first magistracy during the 2019-2025 period, in an election that included the participation of 9,368,035 citizens.

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Cuban Music Continues Success with Gente de Zona

Havana, May 24 ( Prensa Latina) The Cuban duo Gente de Zona surprises again today in social media with another of their usual featuring, this time with the Italian trio Il Volo and the theme ”Noche sin día”, a preview of the summer concerts.

The members Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca anticipated during the past days the return of the group to the world market, after referring to some details of the new album with unpublished songs, which will be launched May 25.

Despite the surprising news about the collaboration of the three tenors with Gente de Zona, one of the most listened to Latin American groups of the moment, Michele Torpedine, manager of the trio anticipated Il Volo’s new project will follow the path of pop and Latin sound.

‘That trajectory will surely allow the group to enter the South American market, but we never reject any collaboration with comes from renowned performers or groups, and Gente de Zona is currently doing a laudable job,’ Torpedine said.

The new plate aims to conquer the countries where Il Volo (The Flight) is already established, their manager remarked.

The album, whose title and official launch date are unconfirmed, was recorded in Latin America.

Il Volo is planning several concerts in Italy in June. It is a vocal trio formed in 2009 by male singers and integrated by the baritone Gianluca Ginoble and the tenors Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone.

The Italian trio makes an incursion into the classic crossover or lyrical pop genre. In 2015 they won the San Remo Song Festival and represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest of the same year, where they won third place.

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Italian Company Highlights Potential of Cuban Market

Havana May 24 (Prensa Latina) The Italian company Farma Venda, which has been in Cuba for more than four decades, highlighted today the potential of the insular market despite the blockade imposed by Washington on Havana.

In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina in the context of the 2nd Food Fair 2.0, the company’s general director, Vittoria Comini, explained that the entity she leads has a turnover of one hundred percent with the Caribbean island, and also said she appreciates many business potentialities, despite the damage caused by the blockade.

Comini pointed out the main effects are associated with finance, because it prevents them from carrying out banking operations with the banks in the northern nation, and it is even reflected in Italian banks, however, in one way or another they carry out the necessary operations.

The General Director also remarked they represent Italian or European firms which do not have ties with the United States. Shipments of goods depart from Italian or European ports to avoid difficulties in the delivery and supply of goods.

In this sense, the company’s technical and commercial advisor, Carlo Capanucci, explained that in order to avoid any punishment related to the aforementioned siege, the company resorted to changing some important European and Italian suppliers due to market demands, because they have commercial interests in the United States or because they were bought by transnationals from the northern country.

In such situations, the company decided to select suppliers that did not have any kind of relationship with U.S. companies in order to ensure after-sales assistance for the products, Capanucci stressed.

Despite the pressures, Farma Venda is growing, Capanuci added. It already has offices in Spain and Switzerland, and soon in the Czech Republic, a way to extend its possibilities, without being affected by the US siege and be able to supply inputs to Cuba.

In general, Farma Venda is dedicated to the pharmaceutical and food industries, agriculture, and supplies for stores, waste treatment and other areas.

Farma Venda works in the food industry with supplies of complete plants such as Prodal’s sausage industry; Labiofam’s yogurt industry; a hot dog factory in the process of installation in the central province of Sancti Spiritus; and they are planning another factory related to the meat industry.

In short, over the past four decades the company has installed dozens of plants in the food industry, Capanucci assured.

Besides, they have already set up three waste treatment plants in the Special Development Zone of Mariel and are planning to set up others, as well as collaborating with the military industry and in the assortment of equipment.

Farma Venda’s wide spectrum of business in Cuba is possible thanks to an exclusive project office for Cuba located in Italy and covering several manufacturers in sectors of interest.

According to Capanucci, they are trying that exchange with Cuba is efficient and effective and contribute to the substitution of imports.

The 2nd International Fair of Food, Beverages and Food Technology of Cuba concludes today in this capital with the attendance of some 102 exhibitors from 22 countries and the participation of some 70 foreign companies.

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Terrorist,CIA Agent Luis Posada Carriles Died Without Punishment

Havana, May 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who once claimed to sleep like a baby, died, without punishment in Miami, United States, in spite of the long list of murders of innocent people in his file.

The news was spread yesterday around the world, ‘ the man considered in the island the most dangerous terrorist of the western hemisphere died at age 90, identified as one of the authors of October 6, 1976 blast in mid-flight, of a Cubana de Aviación airplane with 73 human beings on board.

Ex CIA agent, his name appeared in a 1976 report declassified by the State Department as ‘the mastermind’ behind the crime against Cubana’s aircraft in Barbados.

Means of the Greater Antilles remember today the bomb planted under his instructions in the Copacabana hotel, in this capital, where on September 4, 1997 the Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo was killed.

In an interview published by The New York Times, Posada Carriles affirmed months later: ‘It’s sad that someone has died, that Italian was in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ saying he had no regrets until adding: ‘I sleep like a baby’.

Likewise, the island’s ,media describes the assassination attempts in which he was involved against the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), among them the one organized in November 2000, at the Auditorium of the University of Panama, during the 10th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.

Speaking about the death of the terrorist, the US news agency Associated Press reflected yesterday in one of its materials the interviews that took place in 2009 and 2010, in which context he admitted: ‘If Castro came through this door, I would kill him’.

The report points out that Posada Carriles never gave up violence, and quotes the director of the independent Documentation Project on Cuba at the National Security Archive, Peter Kornbluh, who warned that ‘the CIA created and unleashed a Frankenstein.’


‘Posada Carriles was a monster, but nobody here celebrated his death, what really hurts, and too much, is the impunity with which he lived and the protection that the United States offered him,’ commented Manuel Díaz, a retired 74 years old.

In January 2011, in El Paso, Texas, the terrorist appeared before the courts, only for lying to the immigration authorities, ignoring the US justice the most important charges.

Many were surprised when on April 8 the jury considered him innocent, after deliberating only for three hours.

At that time, the New York newspaper NY Daily News published: ‘He is 82 years old, but he is not a kind grandfather’.

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