Young Cubans ratify support for measures to save energy

Havana, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Young Communist League Secretary Susely Morfa ratified the youth’s willingness to support the measures adopted, given the current energy situation in the country, local media reported on Sunday.

The leader of the youth organization said that this sector will work to push ahead despite the complex situation, a result of the tightening of the US blockade, Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported.

The wise leadership of important economic and social tasks, such as bringing Cuba’s message with freshness and rigor to social media, combating harmful habits, and others, is in the hands of young people, she said.

Morfa exemplified that young people are immersed in activities such as food production, environmental sanitation work in several communities, among others.

The Cuban government announced last week a series of measures to reduce the negative impact of the fuel deficit the country is experiencing in the face of US pressure.

Saving and prioritizing the use of diesel available for the transportation of cargo and passengers are part of the Executive’s response to face the current energy situation.


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Venezuela describes US blockade as immoral and inhuman

Paris, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela on Sunday described at the Fête de L’Humanite the US-imposed economic and financial blockade as immoral and inhuman.

In statements to Prensa Latina, diplomat Alejandro Fleming said that defying International Law, Washington seeks to leave an entire nation without food and medicine.

What is most serious in all this aggressiveness is that the US openly declares its destabilizing objective, as a way to overthrow a legitimate government and impose a puppet government, subordinated to its interests, Fleming warned.

According to the former tourism and commerce minister, the attacks by the Trump administration are accompanied by a media blockade aimed at portraying Venezuela as a dictatorship.

The mass media report that people are starving to death in my country, and have no access to medicines in order to justify the imperialist hostility, he said.

The truth is quite different, the shortages are due to the immoral and illegal sanctions, he stressed at the Georges Valbon park, on the outskirts of Paris, where the festival, organized by L’Humanite newspaper in its 84th edition, ends Sunday.

According to Fleming, the government of Nicolas Maduro has devised mechanisms for people to access food and medicine, but is up against the financial blockade.


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Cuba and Senegal Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Dakar, Sep 13 (Prensa Latina) Delegations from Cuba and Senegal expressed here this Friday at the Foreign Ministers Political Consultation Meeting, the will of both countries to strengthen bilateral relations, diplomatic sources reported.

Cuba’s delegation to the meeting was headed by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rogelio Sierra Diaz, who in a tweet remarked that this year we celebrate the 45th anniversary of bilateral ties with the effort to boost them in several sectors, ‘with emphasis on that of cooperation.’

Meanwhile, Senegal was represented at the encounter by Moise Diardiegane, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad.

He was accompanied by Genevieve Faye Manel, director of the Europe-America-Oceania Directorate of the Senegalese Foreign Ministry; and Moustapha Lo, Chief of the America Division.

Likewise, Cuba’s deputy minister of Foreign Affairs exchanged with the Second Vice President of the National Assembly of Senegal, Awa Gueye.

Both sides reiterated the will to strengthen inter-parliamentary ties.


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Venezuela collects signatures against US blockade in national squares

Caracas, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) Collection of signatures in rejection of the US blockade against Venezuela continues this Saturday in all the squares of the country, almost at the end of the global campaign ‘No More Trump’.
Until Sunday, Venezuelans will stamp their rubrics to repudiate

Washington’s coercive measures, which generate multi million losses, as well as hurdles for acquiring medical supplies and food to meet the needs of the South American nation.

President Nicolas Maduro stated in Twitter over 80 percent of Venezuelans have expressed their rejection of the US hostility. The Government is hoping to collect over 13 million rubrics.

Last Thursday, the Venezuelan president informed that the figure of 12 million signatures collected was reached in the country. ‘Venezuelans say no more blockade, no more sanctions, no more aggression of the empire,’ he expressed.

In this regard, he announced that Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza will attend the session of the UN General Assembly, in New York (the US) on September 17, to deliver to the Secretary General Antonio Guterres the document ‘with the truth of the Bolivarian Republic’.


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Cuba strongly rejects the activation of the TIAR

Havana, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has denounced the shameful decision to activate the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), a political instrument that envisions the use of military force, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry turns down activating TIAR under the pretext of describing Venezuela as a threat to peace and security in the hemisphere.

In reality, it’s Washington with its interventionist Monroe Doctrine and its hostility towards Venezuela that is endangering regional peace and security, the statement underlines.

Again the discredited Organization of American States (OAS) was the vehicle for this ignominy, though a group of dignified governments openly opposed the decision, it adds.

Invoking TIAR -it continues- that the United States used to justify military interventions and aggression in the region that caused so much pain and death, ‘is a deliberate attempt to provoke a situation that could trigger the use of the force to overthrow the legitimate government of President Nicolás Maduro.’

That position is openly opposed to the principles of International Law and the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, the document upholds.

By rejecting such decision, the Cuban Foreign Ministry calls on governments and nations of the world to oppose a measure that seeks to justify, through an artificial legal protection, intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela, which is unacceptable.

The TIAR member States in the Permanent Council of the OAS agreed to set up a consultation body and called for the second half of September a meeting of foreign ministers to address what they called the Venezuelan crisis.

On May 14, 2013, the Venezuelan Government denounced that instrument and, along with other countries in the region, withdraw from it, so Caracas ignores any obligation arising from that agreement.


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Cuban congress highlights role of special care nurses

Photo: Vázquez Hernández
Havana, Sep 13 (Prensa Latina) The decisive role of nurses in the comprehensive care of the critically ill and mother and child care are the closing subjects addressed this Friday during the debates of the 18th Congress of the Cuban Nursing Society.

Over three working days, delegates from 14 countries have analyzed and shared progress, achievements and the challenges of nursing, a fundamental element in the quality and excellence of medical services with a humanistic approach and universal coverage.

Views to be presented on humanized birth care and the development and perspectives of oncology nursing will also attract interest, issues on which Cuba will present its experiences and results as specialties that demand a high presence of nurses.

The event, which concludes this Friday, has been considered by its organizers as a positive space for enriching exchanges on this professional discipline, which due to its continuous development requires new research to describe, identify, compare, predict and control the problems faced, of an eminently scientific nature.

Cuba currently has 85,730 nurses, 72% of whom are nursing graduates. Cuba has developed research related to good practices and the improvement of the quality and management of care across the country, which it currently exhibits and shares with other nations.

The slogan of the Congress is ‘Nursing’s contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,’ with a focus on the role of this profession and its personnel as decision makers to maintain the health standards of the country, among them life expectancy of 78.5 years and low infant mortality rates, which have been below five per 1,000 live births for a decade.


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China Supports Venezuela’s Sovereignty Against Foreign Intervention

Sept 13 (Orinoco Tribune) China asserts that it supports Venezuela in defending its national sovereignty and denounces the interference of the United States in the internal affairs of Beijing and Caracas.

The Chinese ambassador to the South American country, Li Baorong, stressed on Thursday that Beijing rejects any outside interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and insisted that the problem must be resolved through politics and dialogue and within the framework of the Venezuelan Constitution.

In statements offered to the media on the occasion of the commemoration of the 70 years of the People’s Republic of China, the diplomat highlighted that China and Venezuela are friends of mutual trust and maintain strategic cooperation, and denounced the Western media campaign against China in order to misrepresent facts for political purposes.

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In this regard, he mentioned the case of the demonstrations in Hong Kong and raised his voice to emphasize that this matter is purely internal to China, and urged the United States and western countries not to intervene.

Hong Kong has experienced massive mobilizations since last June against a bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China. The Hong Kong local government suspended the controversial law on June 15, but the protests continued with violent episodes because the corresponding amendments have not been completely revoked.

“China and Venezuela are victims of the practices of unilateralism, interventionism and bullying, but at the same time they are strong advocates of the democratization of international relations and international equity and justice,” he said.

After the self-proclamation as “president in charge” of Venezuela by Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly (AN) in contempt since 2016, several Western countries, especially the US, pretending that the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro was not legitimate, supported the coup d’etat of the young politician.

However, China, among other countries, has rejected the US coup plan and has ratified its support to Caracas in the face of the “cruel sanctions” and economic pressures of Washington.

Featured image: Li Baorong, Chinese ambassador to Venezuela, speaks at the commemoration of the 70 years of the People’s Republic of China in Caracas, September 12, 2019.

Source URL: HispanTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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Cuban authorities begin tours to assess energy situation

Photo: Estudios Revolución
Havana, Sep 13 (Prensa Latina) A group of ministers and other Cuban authorities are beginning this Friday tours of several provinces to follow up on the implementation of measures announced by the government in response to the current energy situation.

The tours weres announced yesterday by President Miguel Diaz-Canel on the ‘Mesa Redonda’ television program, devoted to analyzing the issue, directly linked to the tightening of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade.

Diaz-Canel explained that the tour will begin in the western provinces of Mayabeque and Havana.

On Thursday, the head of State thanked the people for their understanding of the current energy situation, after announcing a group of measures to face the shortage of fuel in the country.

‘Thank you Cuba for what you have expressed, for your support and for what you contribute with your concerns and comments,’ he emphasized, and reiterated that Cuba has a strategy to counteract the current situation.

According to the president, this scenario requires the adoption of temporary measures to minimize the impact on basic services to the population, enhance the saving of energy carriers and limit the use of fuel.

Prioritizing diesel consumption for public and cargo transport stands out among the short-term measures announced by Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil.

Other measures include temporarily reducing production in certain sectors that are major consumers of diesel, centralizing the allocation of that fuel and reorganizing public transport, Gil noted.


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Venezuelan FM Calls TIAR ‘Dead’, Denounces Its Activation

Venezuelan FM Jorge Arreaza speaks during a press conference at the U.N. Human Rights Council.
Venezuelan FM Jorge Arreaza speaks during a press conference at the U.N. Human Rights Council. | Photo: Venezuelan Foreign Ministry

“The TIAR is dead; it makes no sense to any country in our region.”

Sept 13 (teleSUR) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said Friday that the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) of the Organization of American States (OAS) is a ‘dead’ instrument and the intention of applying it in Latin America “does not make any sense.”

“The TIAR is dead; it makes no sense to any country in our region,” the Venezuelan diplomat said Friday during a press conference at the headquarters of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (U.N.) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Arreaza said that the person responsible for the attempt to activate the TIAR is the regime of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has constantly threatened Venezuela with military intervention on several occasions this year.

The veteran diplomat stressed that the Bolivarian Republic has not belonged to the OAS since April and met all the requirements for leaving this organization.

Also, when asked about the dismissal of U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister said that his country is not certain that the change of U.S. National Security Adviser will beneficial to his country.

“No matter who leaves (Bolton), we will always defend the sovereignty of Venezuela,” he added.

In regards to the new report from the head of the U.N. Human Rights Council Michelle Bachelet, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister said that the report presented is a ‘copy’ of other reports that have been made regarding the South American country.

He regretted that although the commission of this international organization spent several weeks in Venezuela, the results do not correspond to the work done.

“The conclusions of the High Commissioner’s report are not very rigorous; it is erratic … They have used this report as an attack tool against Venezuela,” he denounced.

Arreaza added that he was glad Bachelet had no option but to rectify the previous report because the lethal consequences of the criminal blockade on Venezuelan people were obvious.

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Cuban Vice President arrives in Zimbabwe for Mugabe Funeral

Harare, Sep 13 (Prensa Latina) The vice president of Cuba Inés María Chapman arrived today in this capital at the head of the delegation that will represent her country at the funeral of former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, who died a week ago at age 95.

Chapman will participate tomorrow in the farewell ceremony of former president of Zimnbabwe at the Harare National Stadium, to which numerous foreign delegations are expected, among which 11 African presidents and eight ex-presidents of the continent will attend.

The Cuban delegation is also made up of Marcos Rodríguez, general director of Political Planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the ambassador of the Caribbean nation to this country, Carmelina Ramírez.

Zimbabwe and Cuba established diplomatic relations in 1980, when this southern African State achieved its independence.

However, their ties date back to the years of the liberation struggle in the 1960s when cadres of the ruling African National Union of Zimbabwe-Patriotic Front party trained in that Caribbean country.

After independence, Cuba supported Zimbabwe in teacher training and subsequently continued its cooperation in education with the sending of university professors.

It also highlights the collaboration of a Cuban medical brigade, which provides services in various regions of the country.

The Government of Zimbabwe has maintained constant support for the island in its claim for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States established almost 60 years ago against it and has denounced its recent deepening.

Mugabe visited Cuba on several occasions and attended in 2016 the funeral of the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro,

The Cuban Foreign Ministry transmitted a message of condolence to the government and family members of the veteran Zimbabwean leader who died in Singapore, where he received medical attention. In the message Mugabe is recognized as an African historical leader and great friend of Cuba.


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