Compañía Habana Represents Cuba in Chinese Circus Festival

Beijing, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) Artists of Compañia Habana are representing Cuba with spectacular acts of acrobatics in the 5th International Circus Festival of China, which is based in the southern city of Zhuhai.

The young people show their talent and mastery of the techniques in performances with which they enchant the public with a mixture of color, music and dance of the Caribbean island.

One of the presentations is on a Russian bar and the other on trampoline.

In both the members of Compañia Habana -of the National Circus of Cuba- perform risky movements and jumps with a style that is qualified by the Festival itself as unique, impeccable, synchronized and rhythmic.

Cuba is the only nation of the Caribbean present at the event, which also showcases the skills of artists from the host country, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Ethiopia, Hungary and Mongolia, among others.

The International Circus Festival of China is an initiative of the government that promotes cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.

The current edition runs from November 16 to 23 at the Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong Center, located in province of Guangdong .

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Ibero-American Summit Condemns US Blockade On Cuba

Ibero-American leaders pose for a group photo during the XXVI Ibero-American Summit in Antigua Guatemala

Ibero-American leaders pose for a group photo during the XXVI Ibero-American Summit in Antigua Guatemala | Photo: Reuters

Foreign affairs ministers of the Ibero-American region have released a statement condemning the US blockade on Cuba.

Nov 17 (teleSUR) On Friday, foreign affairs ministers meeting at the 26th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government that takes place in Guatemala, approved a special statement on the need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States imposes on Cuba.

A majority of foreign ministers, present in the run-up to the meeting of the Heads of State, approved the proposal presented by the Cuban delegation headed by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

The statement admonishes the application of the Helms-Burton Act, which implies an international expansion of the U.S. blockade to countries and organizations that investment in or transact with Cuba.

It also supports the Nov. 1 resolution, adopted during the General Assembly of the United Nations (U.N.), in which 189 countries condemned the blockade against the Caribbean island.

The economic, commercial and financial U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba since 1962 affects all sectors of the Cuban economy resulting in millions of losses, and prevents access to materials, products and services from the international market necessary for the normal development of the island. Cuba estimates that it has lost more than US$930 billion since the beginning of this policy rejected by the international community.

During Friday’s summit meeting of heads of state, Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren asked the Ibero-American region to reach consensus on an “ambitious and exemplary” strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change. Asking his counterparts to make a “strong commitment” in order to reach “a planet in better condition for humanity” respecting the environment, where everybody has access to fundamental human rights. “An Ibero-America: prosperous, inclusive and sustainable.”

On the other hand, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra asked for a strong commitment to the “Eradication of all forms of violence and discrimination against women. It is necessary to promote equality and non-discrimination against women for the prosperity of our peoples.” He highlighted the importance of a joint effort to end “structural inequalities that undermine the institutions, and hinder the development and effective enjoyment of rights.”

The Nicaraguan government, through it’s foreign affairs ministry, attacked interventionism in the region, especially those of Costa Rica against Nicaragua.

“We flatly reject the pro-imperial, arrogant attitude and lack of intelligent or sensitive diplomacy that the president of Costa Rica has exhibited this afternoon in Antigua, Guatemala, showing that ill-educated, meddling, contemptuous, racist, officious and snooping character, that characterize his speech and conduct towards a brother and neighbor Country, and which has never harmed Costa Rica; as well as against Venezuela, and its constitutional government, and its brave and dignified people.”

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Venezuela Committed to Dialogue and Cooperation

Caracas, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is continuing its commitment to preserving regional and international gatherings such as the Ibero-American Summit held in Guatemala, an event that opens up opportunities for cooperation, meetings and dialogue in order to advance the growth of peoples.

The Foreign Minister of the country, Jorge Arreaza, in his speech on Friday stated that the Ibero-American summits since 1991 have become a event for cooperation, the possibility of finding ourselves with respectful, healthy political dialogue and, to make concrete progress’.

During the closing of the meeting with Heads of State and Government, the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs congratulated the hosts for organizing the summit, and said in recent times this meeting has raised its level of integrity based on the development of member countries.

Arreaza also defined the summit as ‘a connecting bridge between Europe and Latin America to be permanently strengthened, enriched and protected’ to foster the multilateralism of international organizations.

There is a move towards unilateralism, hegemonism, and our continent is characterized by defending collective decision-making and the collective construction of a better world’, the diplomat added.

The Minister also praised the fact that the countries attending the Ibero-American Summit adopted Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Objectives for the eradication of poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring the prosperity of humanity.

The Venezuelan government’s plan for 2019-2025 ‘has been built in coordination with the UN agencies to clearly meet the objectives of sustainable development’, he added.

On the other hand, he ratified the solidarity with Cuba and Nicaragua after the political and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government on both nations.

Arreaza denounced, finally, that Venezuela and Nicaragua, after achieving internal political peace, are now suffering threats and coercive measures. He warned both countries are used as smokescreens, with the intention of covering the problems of other governments in the region.

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Cuba Calls for New World Order at Ibero American Summit

Antigua, Guatemala, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuba called at the Ibero American Summit here for a new more democratic, participatory and inclusive world order.

In his speech to the 17 heads of State and Government of the region, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez urged to overcome the challenge of building prosperous, inclusive and sustainable societies, an idea shared by participating members.

To achieve it -he added- it is necessary to articulate a new order to guarantee the rights, needs and aspirations of developing countries and to eliminate the existing asymmetries in world finances and trade which are the result of centuries of exploitation and looting.

He mentioned that despite adverse economic circumstances, countries can attain wide participation of its citizens in political and social life, as Cuba shows in health and education, services which are universal and free since the triumph of the revolution.

The Minister highlighted that despite being a small blockaded island, Cuba contributed over 50 years 600,000 health professionals to fight in 164 countries, very often in outlying regions, diseases like Ebola in Africa, blindness in Latin America and cholera in Haiti.

Those doctors and health technicians have also worked to save and cure people hit by 26 major natural disasters in several countries.

The FM put as an example that in the case of Brazil 20,000 Cuban doctors treated over the past five years 113 million patients, most of them women, and covered 700 municipalities which had never had health services before.

His reference has coincided with the decision of the Cuban Health Ministry of suspending the participation of Cuban professionals in the More Doctors for Brazil Program following harsh questioning and threatening remarks by president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Rodriguez conveyed to attending dignitaries Havana’s gratitude for their support at the UN General Assembly to demand from Washington to lift the economic, trade and financial blockade that the current administration has hardened.

On this issue, the Ibero American Summit issued a special statement ratifying the stance of member States with respect to Washington’s hostile policy.

Upon his arrival in Guatemala, the Cuban FM held a meeting with the team of Cuban doctors working in this Central American country for over 20 years, particularly in outlying areas.

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President Diaz-Canel Highlights Work of Cuban Doctors in Brazil

Havana, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Saturday the efforts of Cuban doctors in Brazil through a message shared on his official Twitter account, @DiazCanelB.

‘Dignity can also be pictured. Our doctors travel with it where the people’ enemies cannot reach. Thank you for the example. #We are Cuba’, wrote the president, who attached images of Cuban doctors fulfilling their tasks in poor and humble areas of Brazil.

This Friday Diaz-Canel also referred on Twitter to the commitment of the Cuban doctors to the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.

‘Our doctors returning to Cuba with dignity. They are faithful to the legacy of the Commander in Chief. Principles are not negotiated, they are defended’ ,he tweet.

The president wrote his message as part of a world tweet called by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples in honor of Fidel Castro, a few days before the second anniversary of his death.

He also did so in response to the decision announced on Wednesday by Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health to not continue its participation in Brazil’s More Doctors program, due to conditions and threats regarding the presence of Cuban doctors in that country made by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Cuba considers as unacceptable the position of Bolsonaro, who made derogatory references about professionals who have worked in the most intricate and humble areas of the South American nation.

During the five years of the More Doctors program, an initiative created in August 2013 by then-Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, nearly 20,000 Cuban collaborators treated 113 million people in more than 3,600 municipalities.

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Venezuelan Gov’t Delivers 2.3 Million Houses Despite Economic War

Some of the housing units delivered by the Venezuelan state.

Some of the housing units delivered by the Venezuelan state. | Photo: Twitter / @PresidencialVen

President Nicolas Maduro said in 2019 the government will deliver 700,000 more housing units, fulfilling the goal of 3 million.

Nov 16 (teleSUR) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro delivered Thursday 2.3 million houses to working-class Venezuelans as part of the government’s Great Housing Mission Venezuela.

From the Cuartel de la Montaña in the capital city of Caracas, the head of state led the delivery ceremony in the northeastern state of Lara and unveiled the historic milestone for the South American nation. “We reached the 2 million 300,000 houses and we are heading to 3 million homes,” he said.

Maduro also stressed the accomplishment was despite international attacks against the Venezuelan economy through economic and financial sanctions that affect Venezuelan imports and exports.

“Nothing and no one stopped us, nothing and no one will stop us, facing difficulties we continue to build the homeland,” Maduro told Venezuelans.

The president explained that by 2019 he will deliver some 700,000 additional homes, meeting the goal of three million. “Decent homes awarded to the people,” he said.

View image on Twitter

Prensa Presidencial@PresidencialVen

The next homes will be assigned through the Ceret de la Patria, or Homeland Card, a state-regulated mechanism for accessing social programs, especially for Venezuelan who need it most.

In addition, Maduro announced the approval and expansion of the credits granted by the Popular Housing System for the improvement, construction, and acquisition of housing. President Maduro recalled that the 2018 Plan de la Patria, the government Plan with which he was elected in May, includes the commitment to build and deliver some five million decent homes.

Housing is an internationally-recognized human right.

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Cuba Wins Latin Grammy with the Music of Septeto Santiaguero

Las Vegas, US, Nov 16 (PL) The Septeto Santiaguero, from Cuba, and the Dominican José Alberto ”el Canario” today hold the Latin Grammy Award for Best Traditional Tropical Album, category in which the Cuban was also nominated Omara Portuondo.

The ensemble from Cuba and the singer from Cuzco won the award with their album ‘A mi qué-Tributo a los clasicos cubanos’, in a section in which, apart from Portuondo, with its Omara volume, the Panamanian Rubén Blades also appeared with the group Roberto Delgado & Orquesta and the album Medoro Madera.

The nominees in that category were completed by La Sonora Santanera, from Mexico, with the play La fiesta continua; and the Venezuelan singer María Rivas, with Motivos.

We are very happy and excited, the award coincides with the fact that this time the Septeto Santiaguero could also play at the ceremony, said the director of the group, Fernando Dewar, upon receiving the gramophone at the MGM hotel in the US city of Las Vegas.

Thanks to José Alberto ‘el Canario’, I think this union between Dominicans and Cubans has been very good, and it is the union that has to exist among all Latinos, added the artist, who also thanked the label Egrem, Santiago de Cuba and Cuba in general.

We will continue making this music, very old, but it should not die, because it is our root and we must defend it, Dewar added.

I want to thank Cuba for allowing a Dominican to continue making good music like the son, thanks to the Septeto Santiaguero, long live Cuban music !, said, on the other hand, the Canary.

The artist also recalled that this is the second Latin Grammy they achieve together, because in 2015 they were imposed in that same category with the album No quiero llanto (Tribute to Los Compadres).

Also, the Cuban singer Aymee Nuviola, based in the United States, was the winner of the gramophone for the Best Tropical Fusion Album with the album Como anillo al dedo.

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World Tweet to Pay Tribute to Cuba’s Historic Leader Fidel Castro

Havana, Nov 16 (Prensa Latina) The example and endurance of Fidel Castro’s ideas (1926-2016) in Cuba were the focus on Friday of messages from social media users on a worldwide tweet in honor of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) organized the meeting on its institutional Facebook and Twitter accounts, @alwayswithcuba, to commemorate on November 25 the second anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Cuban leader.

With the hashtags #AlwaysComander, #FidelCastro, #IAmFidel, #SolidarityCuba and #WeAreContunity, Cuban institutions and citizens joined the tribute with remembrances of Fidel’s speeches on internationalism, solidarity and the defense of Cuba’s sovereignty.

The ICAP stressed in several messages the popular and irrevocable nature of the social process developed in Cuba since January 1, 1959, with the triumph of the Revolution.

‘This is the socialist and democratic revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble. And for this Revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble, we are willing to give our lives’, the Cuban organization published on Twitter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted on its @Cubaminrex account that ‘the principles and dignity of the Cuban people are non-negotiable. The example of our #Commander-in-Chief guides every doctor, every Cuban and every noble revolutionary.

It also expressed the continuity of the Revolution.

In this regard, the Young Communists League (UJC) hifhlighted that Fidel Castro’s ideology is valid in the new generations of Cubans.

Through its user @UJCuba, it also noted that Fidel was the best pupil of National Hero Jose Marti, and the legacy of the leader of the Cuban Revolution invites to reflect permanently on the validity of the Apostle in Fidel’s thought.

The Ministry of Public Health recalled the internationalist principle always defended by the Commander in Chief.

In its account @MINSAPCuba it siad, ‘In international relations we practice our solidarity with actions, not with beautiful words(…),’ a fragment of one of the Cuban leader’s speeches.

The Ministry of Culture agreed on @CubaCultura that ‘the father of the Cuban Revolution has extended a generous hand to needy peoples and has placed solidarity and integration at the center of Cuba’s foreign policy.

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Youth Forum in Russia Condemns US Blockade of Cuba

Moscow, Nov 16 (Prensa Latina) The Russia-Celac Youth Forum (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) demanded on Friday an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, in its final declaration.

The document condemned the application of sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela by Washington and other countries, a subject that was debated at the Sovereignty and Security Committee of the event, whose president, Sonia Carballo, also referred to Nicaragua.

In the presentation of conclusions at the closing session of the conclave, Carballo recalled the discussion on the need to respect the human rights of the caravan of immigrants who are traveling to the US border, which was reflected in the statement.

However, at the aforementioned commission, the US aggressive policy against Nicaragua was also condemned and a Celac meeting was convened to deal with the issue of the caravan of thousands of foreigners, especially from Central America, who have already started arriving at the US border.

The declaration of the Russia-Celac Youth Forum favored a peaceful solution to that march and, on the other hand, considered necessary to give a permanent character to that meeting.

In addition, participants agree to take this discussion scheme (Russia-Celac) to other Latin American nations, and even extending its geography for a youth debate Celac-Africa, Celac-Asia and Celac-Middle East, among other formats.

The Economy and Investment Commission, the Culture and Education Commission, as well as the Energy Integration Commission also worked at the meeting, where possibilities for energy cooperation, the safe development of nuclear energy and the preparation of cadres in this field were addressed.

Hoglis Martinez, counselor of the Venezuelan mbassy for energy affairs and one of the main promoters of the event, said that an initiative planned only a year ago in the corridors of the University of Friendship with the Peoples (formerly Patricio Lumumba) became a reality.

The director of the Forum and a student of the Institute of Studies of Oil and Energy Gubkin, Juan Antonio Sánchez, stressed the importance of being present in the discussions by participants from dozens of countries in the past four days.

In addition to teachers from Russia and Latin America, representatives from Ghana, Sri Lanka, India, Canada, Kazakhstan and Moldova were also present.

The event, which was held at the Higher School of Economics and closed at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, brought together nearly 200 students from different schools in this capital.

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Cuba to Conclude 2018 with Tourist Record, Minister Says

Havana, Nov 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuba will end 2018 with a tourist record of about 4,750,000 foreign visitors, official reports said on Friday, underscoring the growing spiral of the travel industry in this country.

Granma newspaper issued on Friday that Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero said that this figure will be reached despite the U.S. government’s restrictive measures against this country, by preventing its citizens from traveling freely to Cuba.

Cuba closed the year with the aforementioned figure, another record in the sector, which tends to be recovered, the minister said on Wednesday, by offering extensive information during a meeting with tourism workers.

Marrero spoke about the current situation and perspectives of the sector to the delegates and guests attending the 2nd National Conference of Hotel and Tourism Workers, which ends on Friday.

Despite the growth compared to the previous year, he stated that what was planned, up to five million foreign tourists, could have been fulfilled.

This is not fulfilled due to Washington, since late 2017, put into effect a package of measures restricting trips of U.S. citizens to Cuba. A media campaign questioning the Cuban capacity to recover from damages caused by Hurricane Irma also influenced.

However, until October, Cuba attracted almost more than 700,000 cruise passengers, mainly from the United States and Europe, the minister said.

Despite all this aspects, the Cuban tourism grew, and other economic indicators are positive such as the income per tourists and the index of repeat-visit tourists exceeding 40 percent.

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